The Ultimate Editing Checklist for Freelance Writers

The Ultimate Editing Checklist for Freelance Writers

One quality that all successful freelance writers share is exceptional editing skills. No matter what type of client you’re writing for, you must deliver polished, professional writing that’s free of grammatical and style errors. Otherwise, you may receive rewrite requests or unhappy reviews from clients. This editing checklist will help you deliver your best work every time.

Freelance Writing Editing Checklist

Work your way through the list to avoid some of the most common and frustrating errors committed by freelance writers. Whether you’re writing a blog post, eBook, magazine article, or press release, you can use this list to check your work before delivering to your client. Ideally, you will have time to step away from the content after writing before you start editing. Any errors will be much clearer when you return to your writing hours or even days later with fresh eyes. When you use Writers Work, you’ll have the advantage of using our Document Editor, which will help you spot grammatical, spelling, and stylistic errors.

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Not impressed as I just found two errors on your site. Seriously?
On your site under Terms
What is Writers Work?
Writers Work is an all-in-one tool and platform for writers. Our document editor provides text analysis with over 2,000 grammar and style checks to help improve the overall quality of the writing. Our large selection of writers tend to write better than the competition because of that. We also provide ongoing training and education for our writers to insure they are always on top of their game!

Last sentence should be ensure not insure.

Also I don’t see what the actual cost is for the subscription you are offering.

Thank you for letting us know! I’ll notify our development team about the error.
You can learn about pricing options here:

Reading your criteria for writers, I find it narrow and unexperienced. Clearly you are not familiar with composition literature which explores many kinds of style and are used in the WORLD, believe it or not. Run on sentences? Sometimes unavoidable depending on treatment of topic, and certainly there are thousands in this world that have published papers with run on sentences. I write expositionally.
By this time in the world I would not expect to come across retardant, nonprogressive treatments of literature.

Thank you for your input! Writers Work is geared primarily towards copywriting and content marketing for business clients. In those contexts, writers should maintain correct grammar and follow standard writing conventions, unless otherwise indicated by the client.

I agree with most of the editing guidelines, although sentence fragments are not always a bad way to communicate. In my opinion at least.
Advertising copy writers have relied on this style to drive home their point since the 1960’s, when Doyle Dane Bernbach made Volkswagen stand out using the word “Lemon”.
My feeling is that as long as the meaning is clear (the VW ad was meant to be ironic of course), grammar should take second place to communication.

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