Photo of a laptop surrounded by a stethoscope, a phone, and eyeglasses.

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Freelance Medical Writing: Is This Niche Right for You?

When you start out as a freelance writer, you might take a wide variety of writing jobs to get a feel for the work and discover which subjects you truly enjoy writing about. As...

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How to Beat Freelance Writer Burnout

It happens to every writer eventually. Even though you know you still love to write, and even though you know that your livelihood depends on you writing, you just can’t bring yourself to tap...

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Tax Information for Businesses That Hire Freelancers

Freelancers make up an ever-increasing part of the workforce, and many more companies are working with freelancers than ever before. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you’re thinking about working...

Illustration of a writer stressed about time limitations and writing clients.

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Are You Taking Too Many Freelance Writing Clients?

When you first embark on your new career as a freelancer, your primary concern isn’t likely to be whether you have too many clients—if anything, it’s more likely to be the opposite! Once you’ve...

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Choosing the Right Magazine to Query

Have you ever read a riveting article in the Smithsonian, National Geographic, or Health and thought, “I could do this.”? Welcome to the wonderful world of magazine markets, where the competition is fierce, but...

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Does My Business Really Need a Blog?

As you are breaking down your marketing budget, the question of whether money is well spent on managing a company blog may cross your mind. After all, a blog isn’t a direct marketing tool,...

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Self-Employment Taxes: Your Questions Answered

If you have a traditional job, where you are an employee who works for an employer and receives a regular paycheck, filing your yearly taxes is generally straightforward. When you begin working as a...

Photo of a healthcare professional explaining insurance coverage.

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How to Buy Medical Insurance as a Freelancer

Medical insurance isn’t an optional business expense, but as a freelance writer, trying to figure out how to find it, buy it, and pay for it can feel overwhelming. The good news is that...

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Home for the Holidays: Fitting Freelancing into Your Seasonal Schedule

Freelance writers tend to approach the holidays with a sense of uncertainty. During this time of year, editors are M.I.A., clients can dry up, and family matters demand your attention when you really should...

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Evergreen vs. Seasonal Content: What Does Your Business Need?

The internet has revolutionized the way consumers search for products and services. It allows consumers to effortlessly research brands before they make a purchasing decision. This is great news for companies that already have...