How to Break into Entertainment Writing

Man looking for a writing gig so he can become a freelance writer.

Not everyone can be an A-list actor or rock star, but anyone with sound writing skills can potentially become an entertainment writer. It might not happen overnight. However, with patience and persistence, it’s definitely possible to break into entertainment writing. First, you need to explore the types of entertainment writing and the typical markets for them.

Identifying Your Ideal Type of Entertainment Writing

The term “entertainment writing” can mean different things to different people. For some, it means conducting live interviews with celebrities at red carpet events. Yes, this type of gig involves writing work too. Other people might think of articles in pop culture magazines, which typically require interviewing celebrities. Or they may envision blogs on celeb gossip websites. Some entertainment writers focus exclusively on writing reviews of movies, albums, or books. Certain gigs are easier to break into than others. It’s very difficult to become an entertainment reporter who interviews celebrities live from the red carpet. If you have your sights set on this career, you should prepare to put in time in the trenches working your way up in a broadcasting company. Other gigs are easier to land, such as review writing or writing blogs on gossip websites.

Making Professional Connections

Networking is crucial in virtually every career, but particularly in the entertainment industry. You may decide to start with an internship at a magazine or celebrity news website. This should give you the opportunity to make connections with editors and publicists. Since those are the people who can potentially offer you your dream job in the future, it’s in your best interests to stay in touch with them. You can also send them a link to your professional profile and let them know you’re interested in picking up some freelance writing gigs. They might not have anything available right away, but they might get in touch later down the road.

Applying to Your First Gig

Freelance positions can get filled pretty quickly. Therefore, you should have your profile, writing clips, and resume ready to go. You may need to make a few tweaks to your resume or cover letter to customize them for a particular job. It’s always a good idea to branch out a bit. Your first writing job might not be in entertainment. However, you’ll gain valuable experience that puts you in a better position to pursue your dream job.

Improving Your Writing Style and Skills

While you’re waiting for an opportunity to come along, you should work on improving your writing skills and style. Plan to spend a great deal of time reading entertainment industry blogs and articles. As you read, try to figure out the reasoning behind the structure and language of the article. Make a note of what works and what doesn’t, and then use what you’ve learned to make your own writing better. And of course, write every day!

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