How New Freelance Writers Can Make the Most of Social Media

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Title image for social media infographic.

Social media has changed most industries, and freelance writing is no different. Most successful freelance writers use social media to support their work, but that doesn’t mean that your personal Facebook page is going to suddenly turn into a moneymaker for you overnight. Instead, it is important to use social media in the right way to support your writing work. First, slowly create a brand for yourself by sharing work that you do—this is also a chance to make clients happy if you can post a link to something published on their sites and drive traffic there. Next, jump into the conversation with other writers, potential clients, and important figures in the industries you cover.

You can discover more tips for making social media work for you in this infographic from Writers Work. Our freelance writing community offers the perfect launching point for your career, and we provide robust tools to make finding work and sharing content easy. Visit our site to join today.

Infographic with tips for using social media as a freelance writer.

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