Taking the Plunge: Are You Ready to Freelance Full-Time?

Freelance writer's laptop on a desk, overlooking a beautiful lake.

Many freelance writers follow a similar path. They dip their toes into freelancing as a side hustle, and then slowly but surely build up a client base. After working this way for a while, they then come to a decision point. Is working as a part-time freelance writer the right fit, or is the idea of giving up the day job to freelance full-time the best move? There’s nothing wrong with making freelance writing a permanent side hustle, especially if you love the work you’re getting and also can’t imagine giving up your other career.

However, if the siren song of being your own boss, taking on more clients, and chasing down different kinds of writing work you just don’t have time for now is calling your name, then going full-time as a freelance writer could be right for you. Is now a good time to take the plunge? If you see these signs, you could be in the perfect position to launch your full-time freelance writing business.

Clients are coming to you.

Getting started as a freelance writing means pounding the digital pavement in search of opportunities. Writing pitches, responding to job posts, and waiting for emails takes up a large part of your day. After you land some clients, it gets a little easier to find more, but you still have to spend time hustling for new work.

After paying your dues as a new freelancer, you will start to experience a phenomenon: clients will start calling you. That means that your reputation as a talented and reliable writer is out there, which puts you in the perfect position to start writing full-time.

You’re passing on jobs you want because of time.

What is more frustrating than having a dream writing assignment come across your desk, only to have to pass on it because it doesn’t fit into your part-time schedule? Part-time freelance writing limits the amount of work you can take on, which in turn forces you to give up assignments that are interesting to you. If this is happening to you, it’s a sign that the work is available to keep you busy. Going full-time will give you the flexibility to accept more assignments that you really want to take.

Your favorite time is when you’re writing.

Do you feel like your day job is keeping you from doing what you really want to be doing—writing? If you’re ready to dedicate yourself to freelance writing, then you’re ready to work full-time. You’ve had a taste of what it’s like to write for extended periods of time, work under a deadline, and manage client relationships, and you know you want more of it. You’re ready to become a full-time freelance writer and enjoy a more fulfilling career.

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