Why Freelance Writers Need to Be Lifelong Learners

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If you are the type of person who is always searching for answers to questions and looking for new books to read and podcasts to follow, then freelance writing may be the career for you. The most successful freelance writers are always learning new things—in fact, it’s usually a requirement for the job. Freelance writing doesn’t limit you to one subject area or one type of writing. Therefore, it pays to be adaptable and flexible as well as eager to continue learning, no matter your age or experience.

Constant research is part of the job.

Any freelance writer will tell you that the bulk of the job isn’t sitting at a computer writing. It’s research. Each article, eBook, and other piece of copy needs to stand on a foundation of good research. This will ensure that it is informative, accurate, and helpful for readers. In order to perform good research—and to avoid hating every moment of it—it helps to have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to keep learning new things. This keeps you open to new, challenging assignments. It also ensures that your writing is of the best possible quality throughout every project.

Industry trends and topics will change over time.

Even if you stick to a preferred niche in freelance writing, the learning about that niche never really stops. For example, if you are a medical writer, you will need to stay tuned in to new patient care technologies, healthcare laws and regulations, and other industry changes that can influence what you write about. Any industry will see changes over the years, and it’s important for freelancers to stay aware of new developments.

New projects may require new skills.

If you only write blog posts, it may be hard to continue finding enough gigs to sustain a freelancing career. It may also be a challenge to find more lucrative and exciting job opportunities. Along with learning new information to base your writing on, you may also need to continue learning new ways to write. You might do this in a formal classroom setting, with online courses, or with self-guided learning. The important thing is that you continue to explore new writing mediums and find ways to adapt these to your clients.

It may also be helpful to learn new skills that are related to freelance writing, but slightly outside that wheelhouse. For example, graphic design skills can be a great feature on a writer’s resume. After all, many clients look for a writer to produce marketing materials or website pages. Keeping up with technology is another essential quality for freelance writers. Even the most tech-savvy individual today will need to learn something new as the technology of the industry continues to evolve.

A growing skill set can attract higher-paying clients.

When you are driven by a thirst for knowledge and new skills, you will see lucrative payoffs with your freelancing career. The more skills you have, the more clients you can attract. However, if picking up new talents and learning new things is always a chore for you, freelance writing may not be your calling.

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