Tips for Marketing Your Freelance Writing Services

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It’s easier than ever to build your own freelance writing business, thanks to the internet. In addition, clients and employers are far more receptive to hiring remotely than they were a couple of decades ago. However, the ease offering freelance writing services has also made the marketplace more competitive. Use the following tips to help your own personal brand stand out from the crowd and attract more paying clients.

Use the Writers Marketplace.

To successfully grow your business, you’ll need to enhance your visibility. One way to do that is to add your profile to the Writers Marketplace. When you join Writers Work, you’ll have your own profile with an online portfolio and list of services offered. Take your time filling out your profile and portfolio, making sure it reflects the full extent of your professional and personal experience, academic background, and other credentials. Once it’s done, you can make it visible on the Marketplace. Just click on the gear icon and toggle the appropriate option. This allows clients to find you and contact you directly about work opportunities.

Network on social media. 

You may already have personal social media accounts, but it’s a good idea to open up new accounts for your freelance writing business. Choose just one or two social media platforms to focus on, like Twitter and LinkedIn. If you start too many new accounts, you might not have time to keep up with them all. Use your professional accounts to network with potential clients and other freelance writers. These other writers may refer some work your way if their own workloads become unmanageable.

Reach out to your favorite blogs. 

What are you interested in writing about? Do you love researching the latest health trends, writing about travel, or discussing the latest tech? Look for well-written, high-traffic blogs in your area of interest. You’ll likely find that some of them accept queries from freelance writers.

Offer a referral discount.

Everyone loves a great discount. Let your current clients know that you’re offering a referral discount program. Every time you land work through a referral from a current client, that current client will receive a discount on your writing services.

Offer a trial basis discount.

Sometimes, it requires a bit of back and forth negotiation to nail down a price with a new client. If you think the new client might start looking elsewhere for a cheaper freelance writer, consider offering a trial basis discount. For example, let’s say the client wants to request 10 blogs from you. You could offer to write the first two blogs at a discounted rate. If the client likes the work, the remaining eight blogs would be written at your standard rate.

If you’re not yet a member of Writers Work, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to grow your freelance writing career. Join today and begin building your online portfolio, get your profile posted in the Writers Marketplace, and use our job board and magazine submissions database to expand your freelance writing career!

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