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Freelancer working on a travel writing project from a new location.

Tips for Marketing Your Freelance Writing Services

It’s easier than ever to build your own freelance writing business, thanks to the internet. In addition, clients and employers are far more receptive to hiring remotely than they were a couple of decades...
Photo of a laptop computer with a second monitor in a modern home office.

Writers Work Is Making It Even Easier to Succeed as a Freelance Writer

“Where will I find new clients? Who would even want to pay for me to write?” These are some of the most common questions new freelancers ask. As it turns out, there are tons...
Photo of a woman writing on a laptop computer.

How to Write Killer CTAs That Drive Conversions

The call to action (CTA) is one of the most critical components of any blog post. After all, the CTA is the part of the blog that is designed to prompt a response from...
Photo of a laptop, tablet, and book on a desk.

Does My Business Need an eBook?

You may already recognize the value of custom written content for your business, but it can be challenging to nail down which specific types of content you need to effectively promote your company and...
Woman working on a freelance writing assignment on her laptop.

Attracting the Right Freelance Writers for Your Marketing Campaign

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign for your company, you may need to look outside your company for writing talent. After all, you’ll need talented writers to come up with quality...