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Hiring a freelance script writer

Building Your Company’s YouTube Presence

YouTube is an internet giant that offers exciting possibilities for entrepreneurs seeking to increase their brand visibility. YouTube allows you to talk directly to your target demographic. You’ll be able to personalize your brand...
Business team hiring a freelance writer

Should Your Small Business Have an Explainer Video?

Content marketing should be an important part of your business’ advertising campaign. However, content marketing is not all about blogs and social media posts. Videos are an effective way to reach out to potential...
Freelancer writing a corporate video script.

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Corporate Video Script

Did you know that YouTube visitors watch more than 500 million hours of video on the site each day? A significant portion of that viewing time is attributable to marketing footage, given that 87%...
Video production using a script by a freelance writer.

What You Need to Know about Freelance Script Writing

One of the many advantages of freelancing is the sheer diversity of options it has to offer any talented writer. Businesses and agencies need so many different types of content that you’ll never have...