Should Your Small Business Have an Explainer Video?

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Content marketing should be an important part of your business’ advertising campaign. However, content marketing is not all about blogs and social media posts. Videos are an effective way to reach out to potential customers. Because they seamlessly blend sound, visuals, and emotional appeal, videos are powerful marketing tools that can improve brand awareness and solidify your brand’s image.

Understanding Explainer Videos

Just like the name implies, the purpose of an explainer video is to explain the business, as well as its products or services, in a simple, yet engaging way. Explainer videos tend to be short, straightforward, and memorable. They are often animated videos, but don’t necessarily have to be. A strong explainer video focuses on one core aspect of the business to hook the audience’s interest.

Attracting a Wider Audience

The point of digital marketing is to attract new customers and cement the loyalty of returning customers. Video marketing can help you accomplish these objectives by enabling you to reach out to a broader audience. In general, more people would be willing to watch a 90-second to three-minute explainer video than would be willing to read a white paper, even if the subject matter was exactly the same in each. Videos offer easily digestible information in a way that engages multiple senses. This makes them naturally more appealing to most potential customers.

Boosting Web Traffic

If your company already uses digital content marketing strategies, you likely understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for boosting traffic to your website. What you might not realize is that many elements can play a role in how well your website ranks on Google, including its media features. Embedding an explainer video on your company’s website can boost your rankings. Thus, this simple strategy can improve your visibility and increase your number of website visitors. In addition, uploading an explainer video to your social media platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook, can increase the number of click-through visitors to your website.

Encouraging More Shares

Think about the last time you shared something online. Chances are, it wasn’t a dense block of text. It was probably a visually and emotionally compelling piece of media, such as an image, infographic, or video. Visual media is inherently more shareable than copy simply because people tend to find it more engaging and assume that their friends or followers will feel the same way. Each time your explainer video is shared, your company will be introduced to a whole new audience of prospective customers.

Executing with Ease

Another reason why explainer videos are great for small businesses is that they’re relatively easy to make. Even so, they instantly boost the professional image and credibility of the company. All you need is a central idea and a freelancer or two. You can easily hire a freelance scriptwriter, and then pass that script along to an animated video production company. Before long, your company will have its very own explainer video.

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