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6 Ways to Get More Freelance Writing Clients

6 Ways to Get More Freelance Writing Clients

No matter how much you love your freelance writing clients, you must always be watching for the next job opportunity. After all, part of running your freelance writing business is constantly soliciting new clients....
How to Manage Revision Requests

How to Manage Revision Requests

Editing and proofreading are part of the writing process. No one, not even the best freelance writers, can write a first draft perfectly. Editing and proofreading are intended to make your copy as good...
Photo of a man tallying expenses on an invoice.

Preventing Client Confusion with a Clear Freelance Writing Contract

When you make a career as a freelance writer, contracts are an essential part of your work. A client contract will not only ensure you get paid, but also that projects go how you...
Freelance writer sitting on the floor, frowning at his laptop computer.

FAQs About Your Completing Your First Freelance Writing Assignment

It finally happened. You’ve pitched your work to potential clients, and someone has hired you for your first freelance writing assignment. Of course, now you have to deliver—and that is where a lot of...
Freelance writer taking notes while meeting with a client.

Should You Continue to Write for a Difficult Client?

As a freelance writer, some of your clients will be amazing. You’ll both reap the rewards of your collaboration, and you’ll wish you could keep working with them forever. Other clients—well, not so much....
Photo of a closed laptop on a desk with glasses and a mouse.

When Should You Turn Down a Freelance Writing Assignment?

As a new freelance writer, turning down work can feel scary. You may feel pressured to take every job that comes your way. After all, you may be unsure about where the next assignment...
Photo of a several people fist-bumping at a networking event.

Strategies for Working Collaboratively with Your Clients

As you take on different freelance writing clients, you will begin to learn not only what clients want to see in the finished content you deliver but also how much they want to interact...
Photo of a woman with her head in her hands in front of a laptop.

Should You Fire Your Problem Client?

As a freelance writer, you know that working with clients can sometimes be challenging. In many cases, you can salvage a difficult client relationship with some careful communication—and lots of patience. However, in other...
Photo of a man sitting in a chair looking pensive with a laptop.

Should New Freelance Writers Work for Free?

In any career path, people expect to start at the bottom and work their way up. And sometimes, that means taking on unpaid or minimally paid internships. However, it certainly isn’t necessary for new...
Photo of a woman looking at her phone and typing on her laptop.

Questions to Ask Your New Freelance Writing Client

Landing a new client is pretty exciting, regardless of whether you’ve been a freelance writer for a few weeks or a few years. Your main responsibility as a freelance writer is to make your...