Types of Blog Posts You Could Write

Types of Blog Posts You Could Write

For many freelance writers, blogging is an important source of income and career building. Many clients are looking for people to create content for their business’ blog, or even blogs on a personal site. Freelance writers can also use blogging as a way to promote their own work. Blogging can even be an outlet for the kind of writing freelancers enjoy, but don’t often do professionally. Whether you’re trying to understand the kinds of blog posts that clients may ask for or you want to start a blog and aren’t sure what to write, this look at types of blog posts can help.

Marketing Blog Posts

For many freelance writers, marketing blog posts are the bread and butter of what they do. These blog posts usually cover topics that are specifically related to a client’s business. You may spend one day writing about reasons to hire a defense attorney and the next day writing about when to buy new tires. The key to these kinds of blog posts is that they answer questions that customers are likely to have. They should also end with a call to action that tells the reader how to contact the business. Marketing blog posts should be optimized for search engines with keywords that are appropriate for the business. This helps to ensure that customers who search for a relevant product or service will end up on the client’s website.

General interest blog post

If you’re writing for your own blog in hopes of showing off your writing style and attracting clients to your work, then you may simply write about general interest topics. If you’re passionate about a specific issue or industry, then you may want to focus all of your posts on that topic. This can be a good way to build up a reputation in a freelance writing niche. Another approach you can take is simply to write about things that could appeal to a wide audience. This may include posts about cooking, home decorating or repairs, and travel. These general interest posts can show potential clients the range you have as a writer and your ability to handle different topics with ease.

Freelance Writing Industry Blog Posts

Some freelance writers make a name for themselves by writing about writing. Writing about your own process of developing a freelance writing career, getting clients, and managing your life as a writer can lead to in-demand blog posts. As you use these blog posts to build a reputation as a writer, clients are likely to find you and approach you about projects.

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