Introduction to infographic about side gigs for working moms.

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Supermom Side Hustles: Flexible (and Legit) Gigs for Busy Moms

Are you ready to flex your supermom muscle and become a work-at-home mom? There are a lot of different side hustles that working mothers can pursue, including everything from pet sitting to photography to...

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Insurance, Retirement Savings, and Sick Days: What Freelance Writers Need to Know

When you have a full-time job, you can usually expect to enjoy a number of important benefits. For instance, you can opt to receive health insurance through your job, you can set aside money...

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What Science Says About Enhancing Your Productivity

One thing that attracts many people to freelance writing is that it allows you to work from home. Whether you want a work-from-home job so you have more time for your family or you’re...

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Finding the High-Quality Writing Services You Need Is Simple on Writers Work

If you need a writer to help produce content for your business, nonprofit organization, or even personal projects, you can find one by posting a job listing, waiting on applications to come in, selecting...

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Quick Tips for Creating Holiday-Themed Editorial Calendars for Your Clients

The holiday season is the Super Bowl for many industries, so if you’re a freelance writer with clients who depend on holiday sales to power their businesses for the year, count on some of...

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Writers Work Is Making It Even Easier to Succeed as a Freelance Writer

“Where will I find new clients? Who would even want to pay for me to write?” These are some of the most common questions new freelancers ask. As it turns out, there are tons...

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How to Pitch Your Guest Blog Post Idea

A guest blog is a post written by a guest contributor and published on someone else’s website. Guest blogs are useful for the contributor because they establish the individual as an authority, build the...

Grammar Guide: Commas

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Grammar Guide: Commas

Commas are one of the most important grammatical elements, but also one of the easiest to misuse. However, once you know the guidelines for comma use, you’ll be ready to dive into your next...

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Building a Business as a Part-Time Freelance Writer

If you are thinking about building a freelance writing business, there is no rule that says it has to be a full-time pursuit. You may be surprised at how many freelance writers have thriving...

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How to Create an Assignment for a Freelance Writer

Writing is typically thought of as a solitary pursuit. This might be true for fiction writers, but for B2B and B2C content producers, writing is anything but solitary. Effective content requires collaboration, and it...