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Photo of a man doing health and medical writing front of a laptop in a home office.

Medical Writing vs. Health Writing: What’s the Difference?

The words “medical” and “health” are often used interchangeably, so is there a difference between medical and health writing? The short answer is yes; they are different in several ways. Let’s explore all the...
Tips for hiring a medical writer

Tips for Hiring a Medical Writer

Medical writers are in high demand for many reasons. They are often hired to help researchers prepare reports and grant proposals. In turn,  the researchers can focus on the work rather than the writing...
Laptop used to research insurance for freelance writers.

Skills a Successful Medical Writer Needs

Medical writing can be an exciting and fulfilling niche for freelance writers. Many freelancers find themselves drifting in the direction of medical writing after starting out as generalists. After all, so many medical practices...
Laptop used to research insurance for freelance writers.

Freelance Medical Writing: Is This Niche Right for You?

When you start out as a freelance writer, you might take a wide variety of writing jobs to get a feel for the work and discover which subjects you truly enjoy writing about. As...