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Freelance writer working on a laptop.

What Is a Content Mill, and Should I Work for One?

If you’ve worked as a freelance writer, you’ve probably heard the term “content mill” before. However, you might not be sure what a content mill is—and whether it’s a good idea to work for...
Business owner working with a freelance writer.

How to Avoid Treating Your Freelance Writer Like an Employee

When you hire a freelance writer, it is easy to treat them more like an employee than a contractor. This especially true if the freelancer has repeatedly been hired by your business. However, it...
Illustration of an office building with different writing service icons.

3 Jobs a Freelance Writer Can Do for Your Business

Outsourcing your content needs is a fiscally prudent decision. Many businesses lack the resources to staff a full-time marketing department, and would be hard-pressed to keep full-timers busy on a regular basis. A freelance...
Photo of a man sitting at a desk with a notepad during a meeting.

Tax Information for Businesses That Hire Freelancers

Freelancers make up an ever-increasing part of the workforce, and many more companies are working with freelancers than ever before. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you’re thinking about working...
Freelance writer working on a laptop.

Finding the High-Quality Writing Services You Need Is Simple on Writers Work

If you need a writer to help produce content for your business, nonprofit organization, or even personal projects, you can find one by posting a job listing, waiting on applications to come in, selecting...
Photo of a man browsing a blog on a tablet.

How to Create an Assignment for a Freelance Writer

Writing is typically thought of as a solitary pursuit. This might be true for fiction writers, but for B2B and B2C content producers, writing is anything but solitary. Effective content requires collaboration, and it...
Illustration showing the cost different between hiring freelancers vs. employees.

Cost Comparison: Full Time or Freelancer

If you want to make sure that your company is getting as much as possible out of its online presence, you need to make sure that the content you’re publishing is as strong as...
Photo of a woman with a notepad, using a laptop.

Hire the Perfect Freelancer with These Interview Questions

Hiring a freelance writer can be the ideal way to get original content for your company. Working with a freelancer enables you to access some of the best talent around without having to commit...
Woman working on a freelance writing assignment on her laptop.

Attracting the Right Freelance Writers for Your Marketing Campaign

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign for your company, you may need to look outside your company for writing talent. After all, you’ll need talented writers to come up with quality...
Photo of writers networking at a coffee shop.

Tips for Networking with Fellow Freelance Writers

Water cooler talk is a normal part of office culture, providing a time to gather around to chat while taking a short break from your regular responsibilities. When you have a traditional job, you...