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Photo of a woman with a laptop shaking a man's hand.

Creating Your Brand’s Content Marketing Style Guidelines

Using Writers Work for Content Marketing Using an outside company like Writers Work to hire a writer for your company’s content marketing needs will free up your time for more important things. One of...
Three business women communicating with a freelance writer

How to Communicate Clearly With Freelance Writers

Provide Detailed Assignment Briefs  When you hire freelance writers, one of the most important steps is to provide them with all the details they need to write the requested material. Communicating effectively with freelancers...
The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Team of Remote Workers

The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Team of Remote Workers

In the digital age, working remotely has become extremely common. This is especially true for work that can be completed independently, such as writing. After all, remote work offers a lot of benefits for...
How a Freelancer Can Help Your Business

How a Freelancer Can Help Your Business

The internet has changed how people work, and as a result, the so-called gig economy has exploded. More businesses than ever before are complementing the work of their staff with projects completed by freelancers....
Photo of a woman concentrating on work with her laptop computer.

How Much Should I Pay Freelance Writers?

If you’re thinking of hiring a freelance writer, then you may be wondering how much it will cost you. The good news about hiring a freelance writer is that doing so is likely to...
Photo of a person using a laptop to complete writing assignments.

The Employer’s Guide to Creating Clear Writing Assignments

Selecting a freelance writer from a pool of qualified applicants is only the first step. Now, you’ll begin building a solid working relationship with your freelancer. Whether you have a one-off project or you’ll...
Business team hiring a freelance writer

Tips for Having Productive Video Meetings with a Remote Freelancer

Video meetings have made working with remote freelancers easier than ever before. If you hire a remote freelance writer, the first thing to know about video meetings is that you should schedule them sparingly...
Freelance writer presenting website audit to potential client

What Information Should You Include in a Freelance Writing Assignment?

Hiring a freelance writer is a smart decision for many different reasons. One of the most important is that freelance writers don’t need a lot of direction or management to get an assignment done....
Businessman taking notes to give feedback to a freelance writer.

How to Ask for Edits on a Freelance Writer’s Work

When freelance writers prepare articles for publication in newspapers and magazines, they expects edits to be part of the process. As such, the editor reading their work expects to be able to communicate any...